Adidas GSG 9.7

In the world we live in, it is important to take time off for ourselves and explore the world for what it is – a majestic and serene setting which has an array of layers waiting to be uncovered by a traveler. However, most of us are so immersed in our hectic lives and addicting technology that we never have time to look up and take it all in.

However, some of us are lucky. Some of us have jobs which require constant interaction with the outdoors, for instance, tour guides and environmentalists. Moreover, even those who have a nine-to-five job have a seed of curiosity within them that compels them to connect with nature now and then.

Does your job demand rigorous outdoor training? Are you an adventurer at heart who wishes to explore the world? Do you want shoes which can keep up and stay with you as you hike across mountains and camp beside rivers? If so, the Adidas GSG 9.7 Boots may be the perfect product for you.

A comfortable and durable shoe is an integral part of ensuring a peaceful and smooth outdoor adventure and Adidas GSG 9.7 offers such features.

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Offers Enhanced Comfort

While walking is a fun and refreshing act, it is also very tiring. If your shoes are not comfortable, such a task may seem like a dreadful challenge. As you hike across rough terrains, it is important that you don’t feel the rough ground beneath you. It is crucial that your feet are as cushioned as possible.

This product succeeds in offering just that. It is equipped with CORDURA, which is heavy-weight in nature. Such an addition not only enhances the durability and robustness of the product but also ensures that the shoes are as comfortable as possible.

Moreover, the shoes are marked by adiPRENE cushioning, which is breathable in nature. This feature is combined with the OrthoLite sock liner. Together, they not only guarantee your comfort, but they also ensure that your feet do not develop an unpleasant odor, which is usually the case when you wear shoes for an extended time.

These techniques have allowed the Adidas GSG 9.7 boots to be comfortable to wear and, therefore, the choice of the masses.

Absorbs Impact

When you are exposed to the wilderness or if you embark on an adventure, you experience new things, whether it is climbing mountains, running on a steep slope, or merely walking. All such tasks, at times, may lead to high impact. This pressure is not good for your bones and can result in an injury. Therefore, it is important to opt for boots which can absorb impact efficiently.

This feature is offered by this product, which ensures that you remain physically fit and unhurt via the inclusion of its impact absorption feature. The shoes are accompanied by heels which are cushioned with high-quality material. This makes sure that all the impact upon immediate contact with the ground is absorbed by the material and does not lead to any harm.

Adidas GSG 9.7


  • These shoes are imported and made from synthetic material.
  • The upper portion of the shoes are accompanied by full grain leather, which gives the product a sophisticated look.
  • The product is equipped with Adituff which provides abrasion resistance in the area where your toes are, hence ensuring a pain-free trip.
  • The product aim for the ultimate grip. It is achieved by incorporating Traxion lugs in the outsole of the product.
  • The shoes are ideal for warm and moderate climates.

Pros and Cons

The premium features of the Adidas GSG 9.7 boots have allowed it to offer various advantages to the users. Firstly, its firm grip makes this an ideal shoe if you are walking uphill or on a slippery terrain. Moreover, the product is lightweight in nature, which ensures that you do not feel as if the added weight of the boots is slowing you down.

However, since the product is breathable, it cannot be used in cold and rainy weathers. It is not waterproof, which can be a source of inconvenience for many. Moreover, being an Adidas product, the shoes are on the pricey side.

Customer Satisfaction

Overall, customers have lauded this product for its premium quality and great fitting. Users believe that the light weight along with the cushioning included in the product makes it worth the price charged.

Not only do users find that pros greatly outweigh the cons of the shoes, but they are also of the opinion that the durability and sturdiness of the shoe make it a worthy investment. Even though some believe that the product could further improve its flexibility and the amount of comfort offered, the majority think that the boots have succeeded in providing an offering which excels in outdoor performance.

Hence, it is safe to say that the majority of the customers are satisfied with the quality and features of the shoes.


All in all, the Adidas GSG 9.7 boots have not only managed to satisfy customers, but they have also been able to live up to their name. Adidas is an established brand which is known to provide quality products, and GSG 9.7 is one such product.

Even though it is marked by some shortcomings, including the lack of a waterproof feature, the performance and benefits it offers to its users surpass such minor flaws with ease.

If you are going trekking and are confused about what shoes to buy, you should give the Adidas GSG 9.7 a try. It will not disappoint you. Rather, it will be the perfect companion. It will stick by you through thick and thin, and it will make sure that you are safe from injuries. It will be your savior and your one true companion.

Buy the Adidas GSG 9.7 and travel across an array of landscapes. Experience it all. Leave your dull life behind as your embark on a journey with your loyal Adidas shoes by your side. Live life to the fullest.

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