Guns require frequent maintenance, cleaning, and proper storage. The main function of a gun case is to protect the gun from getting damaged. The gun case must be soft from the inside to protect the gun from bangs and scratches. Looking for a gun case, no need to look further.

The Pelican 1170 gun case is an ideal choice. They have user’s needs in mind since the inception. It is perfect for anyone carrying tier weapon or devices which are very sensitive and needs protection.

Are you wondering what makes pelican gun case special? The manufacturer pays great attention to the internal padding and exterior resistance and maximum locking capability.

Pelican 1170 Gun Case

The Pelican 1170 case with foam is strong, chemical resistant, crushproof and watertight hard case. It is used to carry any type of equipment that needs protection from the elements. This case is produced from ultra-high impact copolymer that makes it exceptionally durable. It is perfect hand-held electronics protection solution for keeping your guns safe.

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Apart from this, the Pelican 1170 has a neoprene O-ring. The case features an easy open double throw latches and locking hasps for providing tight closure. The easy open double throw makes opening easy and quick. This gun case contains an automatic pressure equalization valve that is useful in releasing built-up air pressure. The temperature rating is -40 to +99 degrees Celsius. Pelican provides a lifetime guarantee of excellence.

The Pelican gun case helps you store firearms. Most of the people pay little attention to gun cases. Although, they perform a vital role in protecting your valuable guns from everyday wear and tear. The Pelican case can handle heavy duty conditions. It comes with a handle that makes the gun case easy to carry. The Pelican gun case has a location for two locks that keeps your pistol locked up.

Pelican 1170 Gun Case

The Pelican Gun Case features include:

O-ring Seal

The waterproof polymer seal helps in keeping the water and dust from getting in. The aluminum tongue and groove edge create a tight seal.

Solid Wall Design

The wall design is constructed from homopolymer and copolymer that features an open cell core. This provides the case-crush resistant strength and lightweight. The stainless steel hardware is durable.

3 Piece Foam Set

You can buy the foam version that keeps the pistol secure and prevents damage. Pelican gun case consists of 3 piece foam set. 1 base foam layer, 1 convoluted lid foam layer and 1 Pick N Pluck foam layer. This makes sure your gun is well-protected and is secure.

Pelican 1170 Gun Case Foam

Pick N Pluck foam

The standard foam is made from polyurethane. It makes it easy to customize the foam according to the size of your equipment. You just need to pluck ½” cubes in order to customize for equipment.


The case is an IP-67 rating for temporary submersion.


– Exterior Dimensions
– 11.64” x 8.34” x 3.78”
– Interior Dimensions
– 10.54” x 6.04” x 3.16”
– Lid Depth
– 1.08”
– Bottom Depth
– 2.08”
– Total Depth
– 3.16”

Types of Guns

The pelican gun case fits almost 22 different types of handguns. Some of the guns that can easily fit are:

• Accu-Tek 380
• Bersa Thunder
• Colt Defender – New Agent
• Glock – 26
• Glock 30
• Kahr – CW9
• Smith Wesson – MP9C
• Smith Wesson – Chief Special 45
• Walther – P22
• Walther – PPK/S

Pelican 1170 Gun Foam


Therefore, the Pelican gun case will be helpful for you irrespective what you store inside. It is the perfect hard case at a reasonable price to pack your gun securely. It is ideal for small pistols and it is convenient to use when you are traveling. You can buy the Pelican 1170 gun case in different colors in order to differ it from your family members.

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