Suunto Core All Black Review

I had been looking for a nice watch to use for quite a while, but most of the watches I had seen online had disappointed me to no end. I had started to feel like I would never find a watch that would give me the sort of value I needed in my high-octane life, but when I saw the Suunto Core All Black, I honestly felt like all of my prayers had been answered.

Suunto is the sort of company that gives you gear fit for hardcore usage. I am generally the sort of person that goes mountain climbing regularly, and I needed a watch that could not just handle that kind of usage but also provide unique features. The Suunto Core All Black gave me great value in this regard with features that really helped me up my game, thereby making my mountain climbing expeditions even more enjoyable than they would have been otherwise.

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Main Features

To start off with, this watch just looks fantastic. I love how it looks on my wrist and since I am a pretty masculine guy, I wanted a watch that would give off the same kind of vibe. The sturdy build felt great on my hand, and I could feel its weight. This reassured me that this was a product that would give me a great deal of value.

However, looks aren’t everything. I needed a watch that could get me through a hike, and I just loved all of the features this watch had that helped me do so with ease. The altimeter and barometer helped me maintain a sense of where I was with the built-in compass showing me where I needed to go, and the storm alarm, in particular, pretty much saved my life when I was taken by surprise by a freak storm.

Climbing up a mountain can be a tricky business because you can never predict the weather and phones don’t work all that well up there. Hence, the temperature reading on the watch was a great help to me and allowed me to make sure I was well prepared throughout my hike and was never left in a dangerous situation.

In one situation in particular, I had been looking for some shelter so that I could catch my breath when the temperature alarm went off. It turned out that it was far colder than I thought it was; my body had been too hot from the climb to notice. I probably would have frozen to death had it not been for the watch.

It is a really sturdy watch too, and I’m not just saying that because of the weight. I fell and hit the watch on a rock pretty hard, but when I checked it, there was barely a scratch on it! This helped me feel at ease while I was climbing.

Now, there are some things that I took issue with the Suunto Core All Black. For starters, the colors were a little inconvenient. I did not want bright colors that would catch the attention of any predators, so I obviously went for the black model, but this was a problem because of the fact that it affected the legibility of the timepiece and other meters and readings.

Whenever I am outdoors, everything is perfectly visible, but if I got to a dark spot or a place where there was not much light, I struggled to see what the watch was showing me. There is a contrast knob that I used to fix the visibility, but in certain situations, this can be a hindrance, so I did not really like that I had to do this in order to read the readings this watch provided.


– Altimeter: This useful feature allowed me to see how high up I was, thus enabling me to gauge whether or not I would have to trek any further than I wanted to.

– Barometer: While climbing a mountain, the pressure can change at any moment. I really needed a watch with a strong barometer to tell me if air pressure was getting dangerously low as this could make it difficult to breathe. In this regard, the barometer in this watch was a great help.

– Compass: The compass in this watch was very easy to use that I relied on almost entirely to find my way back to the camp at the base of the mountain.

– Temperature alert: You can set the temperature alert based on your specifications to ensure you know when you might be in danger because a little alarm would go off.

– Storm alarm: This alarm is connected to all sorts of weather forecasts, so you can rest assured that no storm would catch you off guard.

– Robust build: The Suunto Core All Black sure can take some rough treatment. I didn’t have to worry about the watch at all while I was climbing and I really appreciated that.

– Weather resistant: There are all sorts of crazy weather up in the mountains, and a watch like this can deal with all of them. It is great for other harsh environments too like deserts!

Suunto Core All Black watch


All in all, this is a great option if you are looking for something that can withstand the forces of nature and be your companion. If you are the adventurous type or if your job requires you to go to some dangerous places such as if you are in the army or a fireman, this watch can really be a boon, as it would help make your thrill seeking or your job so much easier.

As long as you keep in mind that legibility can be a problem with the darker colors and keep an eye on the contrast settings, the Suunto Core All Black is a great choice for you that you should definitely buy.

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